Modeling Katy Rolling Stock

The Katy had a wide variety of rolling stock including standard box cars, gondolas both covered and open top, standard and heavy duty flat cars, hopper cars of all types and many others. Non revenue rolling stock included many types of caboose including the early wood types, the combination cabooses to carry occasion passengers on light traveled branch lines, all steel wide vision and bay window type of the modern era, transfer and yard types for local trains and even a drover type for cattlemen traveling with trains of stock cars. In Maintenance of Way service the Katy had a wide variety of company service cars for multiple situations many of these innovative and very unique. Below you will find photos which can be clicked on for a higher resolution image to view. Additional information can be found in the pages of the Katy Flyer Magazine and our Katy Lines Calendars. Also check out these links for photos and text information on Katy Steam LocomotivesDiesel Locomotives, and Passenger Service.

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Cabooses or Waycars

Revenue Rolling Stock

Maintenance of Way Equipment