M-K-T Katy Modelers Information


Modeling the Katy Railroad exists in many forms, from finely detailed, handmade, exact scale craftsman models to ready to run out-of-the box locomotives, engines and cars. No matter your level of expertise, keeping the memory of the Katy alive through the hobby of model railroading is appreciated. Some Ready-to-Run locomotives, freight cars and cabooses in the Katy livery have been produced, but for the most part Katy models are few and far between. Hallmark Models, Pecos River Brass and a few others have produced brass locomotives, cabooses, passenger and freight cars. Many very skilled modelers have custom built, detailed, painted, and decaled fine examples various locomotives, rail cars and equipment of the Katy Railroad. Most are satisfied with “Stand-Off Scale” modeling, painting and decaling of off the shelf models that look good. Hopefully the photos and information provided in Katy Modelers Information will assist you in modeling projects. Check out these links to pages for photos and text information on Katy Steam Locomotives, Diesel Locomotives, Passenger Service and Rolling Stock.

Hallmark Models Brass M-K-T Mikados
705 and 736 – Champ Decals – Mike Barnette
Hallmark Models M-K-T Brass
Heavyweight Diner Almo – Champ Decals – Mike Barnette
Hallmark Models M-K-T Brass Pacific
397 – Champ Decals – Mike Barnette
Hallmark Models M-K-T Brass
Mogul ready for paint and decal – Alex Bogaski
M-K-T Athearn GP 39-2
Custom Details Parts Added – Mike Barnette
Quality Craft OScale M-K-T 67008
Single-Sheathed Automobile Box Car Kit built by Mike Koch
M-K-T Coil Car 14015 produced by Athearn
Mike Hudson, Denison Katy Railroad Model Club
Athearn Heavyweight Baggage Car
KRHS Gold Heavyweight Decals and MKT Shield – Roy Jackson
Hallmark Models Brass M-K-T P.R.O.
Custom Painted, decaled with Champ Decals – Mike Barnette
Collection of HO Scale Motive Power
Custom Painted by Ray Parsons

KRHS Katy Flyer Magazines and Calendars feature many rare and historic photographs of the Katy Railroad that are great for collecting and research.