Our History and Mission Statement

The Katy Railroad Historical Society, a non profit organization, was formed in Parsons, Kansas, on October 1, 1977 with a nucleus of 43 charter members. The purpose of the society is to bring together in close association those persons who have a common interest in the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, known to many as the Katy. To increase the enjoyment of their interest through appropriate activities.These include; group trips to points on the railroad, photographic excursions, photo, slide, and video shows,meetings, discussions, and other undertakings of a fundamentally social nature. The encouragement of members to contribute, as they are able to the collection, compilation and publication of interesting data pertaining to the Katy, including preservation of such information for future reference. The increase of knowledge of and fostering of goodwill towards the M-K-T Railroad among members and the general public. The promotion of good fellowship among the members through ethical social functions found to be beneficial, educational, and morally wholesome to those interested in the Katy Railroad.

Major Eras of the Katy Railroad

Early Steam Era.

Mostly 4-4-0, 2-8-0 Wood burners,
gold leaf lettering and brass trim
Marie Turney Collection
Red River Railroad Museum Archives

Turn of the century.

Larger, more powerful steam power,
less ornate lettering
Edward Briggs Collection
Red River Railroad Museum Archives

Post 1923 Reorganazation.

Renamed the M-K-T Railroad,
oil burners and white trim.
Edward Briggs Collection
Red River Railroad Museum Archives

Late Steam Era.

Matthew S Sloan brings enanmled red M-K-T emblem and bright yellow cabooses.
J. J. Siller Photograph Red River Railroad Museum Archives

Early Diesel Era.

Bright red diesels begins
the end of the steam locomotive era.
Robert S. Plummer Photograph 2012 KRHS, Katy Lines Calender.

1957 – 1962 William N. Deramus.

Lean years for the
Katy bring the road to the brink.
Robert S. Plummer Photograph September 2019 KRHS Katy Flyer

1965 – 1970 John W. Barriger.

Passenger service ends, but
financial health begins recover.
International Car Company caboose.
John B. Charles photograph

1972 – 1988 Katy red retired

for Whitman green and yellow
leading to merger with Uncle Pete
M-K-T built local service caboose.
Raymond B. George Collection

1988 brings farewell to the Katy.

Please help us preserve the memory
of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas R.R.
Union Pacific Heritage Locomotive.
Courtesy U.P. Company Website

Katy Video and Photo Gallery

Notice to Members

The Katy Flyer on the Red River bridge at RedTex, OK in 1957 Red River Railroad Museum Archives, Robert.S. Plummer Photograph


March 31 – April 3, 2022

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


KRHS Headquarters will be the Oklahoma City Airport Holiday Inn located at 4401 SW 15th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108.  The hotel is located in the southwest part of the city near I-40 and Will Rogers Airport. To reserve your room please call the hotel direct at 405-601-7272 and make sure to mention your are with the KRHS. Our KRHS blocked room rate is $99.00 per night that includes a hot breakfast and beverage. Make your room reservation by the hotel’s cutoff date of March 7, 2022. Check-in and registration will begin at 3PM Thursday at the Holiday Inn. If you have questions or concerns, contact Convention Chairman Dusty McCoy by email at dustmkt317@yahoo.com

Register by mail by sending a registration form and payment of $90.00 per person to KRHS Convention, 22016 Senna Hills, Garden Ridge, Texas 78266 or register online for $94.00 per person by going to Page 2 of the KRHS Giftshop and look for KRHS 2022 Convention Registration.