M-K-T Employee Records and Genealogy Research

The Katy Railroad Historical Society regrets it does not possess M-K-T employee records.

Few if any records have survived the years and the merger. Because of the lack of records, the society will be unable to help in most requests for information. The Red River Railroad Museum in Denison does have a few seniority lists and a collection of M-K-T Employee Magazines. Many names of Katy employee’s are mentioned in these magazines. Frontier Village in Denison has very limited information in the form of original index cards from Katy employees when the Social Security system first started. A link to both is below, a phone call on the weekend is the best method to reach both organizations.

Below are some additional sites that might be helpful.

Links to assist in Genealogy Reseach

Red River Railroad Museum – Denison,Texas

Frontier Village – Denison, Texas

Federal Railroad Board – Genealogical Research Information


Telephone Directory Search


US GenWeb Project

Genealogy Toolbox

Cyndi’s List

Clayton Genealogical Library


I.C.C. Historical Railroad Accident Reports 1911-66