Red River Railroad Museum 
Denison Area Railroad Photos


Early Katy passenger and freight depot. May have been built after first train arrived.

Denison Herald-Democrat Photo, from the collection of Robert C. Stevens.

A larger brick depot was built after fire on Mar 14, 1873 burned the previous depot.

Denison Historical Society Photo from M-K-T Employee Magazine.

The first brick depot was doubled in size and was located across the tracks, east of the current depot.

Union Station from colorized post card dated 1910. Collection of Roy Jackson.

Newly built Denison Union Station would be the hub of transportation for the city.

Another colorized post card mailed on April 2, 1913. Collection of Roy Jackson.

Dension’s Katy Depot in 1946 when Steam Was King, just after WW II ended.

A director’s special leaving and the Wichita Falls local preparing to depart in December 1948.

Passenger service nearing the end, only 10 days till the last run of the Katy Flyer.

Northbound Katy Flyer, ready to depart on June 20, 1965. All M-K-T passenger service ended on July 1, 1965.

City yard and second roundhouse near downtown area and the site of the later car shops.

Colorized postcard view from the early 1900’s. Collection of R. Jackson.

Katy’s massive Ray Yard facilities which were built on the western edge of the city.

1960’s view of the turntable, fuel and sanding facilities from a Tom Bledsoe 35mm slide. Collection of R. Jackson.

Denison Car Shops viewed from the old US 75/69 overpass.

The Katy’s massive car repair facilities no longer exists, only a few through tracks remain. Photo late 1980’s.