Mission & History

The Katy Railroad Historical Society, a non profit organization, was formed in Parsons, Kansas, on October 1, 1977 with a nucleus of 43 charter members. The purpose of the society is to bring together in close association those persons who have a common interest in the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, known to many as the Katy. To increase the enjoyment of their interest through appropriate activities. These include; group trips to points on the railroad, photographic excursions, photo, slide, and video shows, meetings, discussions, and other undertakings of a fundamentally social nature. The encouragement of members to contribute, as they are able, to the collection, compilation and publication of interesting data pertaining to the Katy, including preservation of such information for future reference. The increase of knowledge of and fostering of goodwill towards the M-K-T Railroad among members and the general public. The promotion of good fellowship among the members through ethical social functions found to be beneficial, educational, and morally wholesome to those interested in the Katy Railroad. Our annual KRHS Spring Meet held at locations on or near the Katy lines feature photo, slide and video shows from the collection of members and other historians. Display tables are setup to display your Katy models and artifacts, and vendor tables featuring materials pertaining to the Katy and other railroads for purchase. The annual business meetings and evening banquet featuring guest speakers associated with the Katy or the transportation industry. A tour of local Katy and other railroad related facilities is scheduled for your enjoyment.


Interviews & Publications