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M-K-T / Katy Caboose
Wood Shealth Caboose - Series 896-907

P. Coughlin / R. Jackson Collection, Ray Yard April, 1965

The 896-907 series cars were the last wood sheathed built by the Katy. Underframes from old Katy boxcars were used in their construction at the Denison Cars Shops in 1942-43. Four groups of these caboose, numbers 821-907 were built beginning on 1937. All were similar with some having fishbelly-type underframes and Andrews trucks replacing the archbar types of earlier cars.

Infomation from the Caboose Corner Series by Jerry Pitts in the March 1987 Katy Flyer and KRHS Publication - M-K-T Descpription of Equipment.

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